Jun 11, 2024


Being in the industry for 27 years, INDO-MIM has built a strong supply chain and advanced infrastructure to offer comprehensive solutions to manufacturers worldwide for sourcing components. Besides Metal Injection Molding (MIM), the company also provides products through Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM), Investment Casting, Precision Machining, Additive Manufacturing, as well as jigs, fixtures, and automation solutions.

Talking about hybrid machining and its impact on the manufacturing sector in the future, Senthil opined, “Hybrid machines are still in the very initial stages. Of course, when we do 3D printing, it’s also amenable to machining, but the amount of machining required is greater due to the accuracy of the bind, digital printing, and 3D printing itself. This is one avenue that will definitely take shape in the near future.”

INDO-MIM’s stall at Hannover Messe was a major highlight, as the company’s reputation as a global leader in MIM technology preceded it. They showcased some cutting-edge Injection Molding technologies, which have the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing sector. After dominating the MIM industry for about two decades, INDO-MIM is set to broaden its horizons in the field of Ceramic Injection Molding as well. Senthil Silva, Sales Manager for the European region, also talked in brief about the prospects of Hybrid machining and its impact on the manufacturing world.

The company showcased its CIM components along with its other products at their stall at Hannover Messe. “Ceramic injection molding is ideal for creating wear-resistant components with complex geometries that are aesthetically appealing. It is used in the manufacture of highly luxurious consumer products, such as watch cases, where there is a need for high-end materials that can withstand wear and tear”, shares Senthil Silva. Its applications are diverse and range from luxury automotive components to consumer goods such as watch cases. Despite its high-end applications, ceramic injection molding can offer a cost-effective solution for customers seeking highly wear-resistant components.

While talking about the leadership position in the field of metal injection molding, Senthil added, “INDO-MIM is well-known for their ability to produce highly complex components with superior accuracy and consistency. INDO-MIM is demonstrating their expertise in metal injection molding by showcasing some of their precision-engineered components at Hannover.

INDO-MIM also showcased some components manufactured through investment casting, also known as lost wax casting. Using this technology, INDO-MIM produces complex components for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, aerospace, and medical. Their precision machining capabilities, using advanced five-axis machines, allow for the production of critical components with the highest levels of accuracy and cleanliness, meeting the strict requirements of industries such as medical.

INDO-MIM’s presence at Hannover Messe was a clear statement of their intent to drive the industry forward with new and exciting technologies, and it was evident that they are well-positioned to do just that. Their solutions promise to revolutionize the way manufacturers source components and streamline the production process, delivering significant cost and time savings. It is no surprise that their booth garnered a lot of attention and rave reviews from the attendees at the Hannover Messe.

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