Feb 12, 2024

ABV Technology Expands Options For Craft Beverage Producers Of All Sizes

ST. PAUL, Minn.— ABV Technology has taken the non-alcoholic beverage market to another level with its Equalizer technology. This patented dual-stage vacuum separation equipment takes one input, a beverage with alcohol, and turns it into two outputs; a clear, flavorless, colorless and carbon filtered “hard seltzer” base at the same ABV as the input product, and also, an NA beverage retaining flavor, color and aromas of the input but with less than .5% alcohol by volume.

The non-alcoholic segment of the craft beverage market continues to grow rapidly, with the market value of such products surpassing $11 billion in 2022, up from $8 billion in 2018. ABV Technology has created a unique technology that beverage producers can access in different ways; by installing an Equalizer in their own manufacturing facility or by accessing any of ABV’s service center locations. Service center locations are breweries or wineries that host an Equalizer machine and process beverages into the two outputs for beverage producers who sometimes don’t have space for an Equalizer, are unable to invest in additional equipment, or who want to utilize a full service contract option for their products.

“When we began contemplating the NA market and learned about ABV Technology’s (Equalizer) machine, my first reaction was that it sounded too good to be true. We could take any of our beers, run it through the machine, and not only get an NA version of the beer, but also a hard seltzer output,” said Dayne Bartcht, Managing Partner of Eastern Market Brewing Co. in Detroit, Michigan. “So we loaded up a car with kegs, drove to Minnesota, and sure enough, it worked. It was the best NA beer I’ve tasted.” Eastern Market Brewing is the proud owner of an Equalizer, with three popular non-alcoholic beers in the market and one fun new packaged hard seltzer as well.

ABV Technology has drastically changed the craft beer market in their home state of Minnesota, with more than half of the state’s estimated 200 breweries and wineries utilizing the company’s St. Paul production headquarters for processing their beer and wine into non-alcoholic versions.

“The momentum is real, this is not a trend, this is a movement!” exclaims Ryan Good, NA Craft Beer Enthusiast. “As NA beer has gained popularity, craft breweries have worked with ABV Technology to create non-alcoholic versions of many different styles, resulting in a hotbed of NA options. Breweries that include NA beer, in my opinion, will generate more sales & become a more frequent destination because having appropriate options opens the door to an excited community who wishes to be included.”

“Minnesota is definitely a leader when it comes to their selection of local craft NA beverages” said Ashley Hauf, Sales and Marketing Manager for ABV Technology and President of the MN Craft Brewers Guild. “It is so refreshing to see your favorite brewery offer a non-alcoholic version of their flagships and even specialty releases. The craft beer community has really embraced an inclusive and open mindset and truly delivered on being a space that allows everyone a chance to enjoy it, whether you’re drinking NA or not.”

If you are a craft beverage producer in the non-alcoholic space, or considering adding an NA option to your portfolio, ABV Technology is someone you should be connecting with. The Equalizer technology provides a low-impact processing technique, is user friendly, fits seamlessly in any manufacturing space and does not require additional licensing.

About ABV Technology

ABV Technology is located in St. Paul, MN and is a manufacturer and service provider for the craft beverage industry across the US and in Canada. Founded in 2017, they have a dedicated team with extensive backgrounds in engineering, brewing, IT and sales bringing patented cutting edge technology to life to help you create some of the best non-alcoholic beer, wine, cider and hard seltzers.

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