Jun 11, 2023

How To Complete The Finish The Masterwork Weapon Quest In Bg3

Head to the Underdark to forge a powerful weapon in Baldur's Gate 3.

The Blighted Village in Baldur's Gate 3 is home to a ton of dangerous secrets—teleporting spiders, theatrical ogres, and mocking mirrors, oh my! Despite this, it's also a treasure trove for the observant adventurer. Amidst its enigmas, the village holds the key to forging Masterwork Weapons, which can greatly aid you in your goblin-infested travels to come.

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Naturally, anything with "masterwork" in the name isn't going to be easy to craft—an essential ingredient, Sussur Bark, lies deep within the perilous Underdark. This guide will show you how to unlock the secrets of the Blighted Village, initiate the quest, and navigate the treacherous path to the Sussur Tree in the Underdark.

Here is a brief overview of what you should do to complete the Finish The Masterwork Weapon quest.

Each step will be explained in detail in the following sections.

You can begin the "Finish the Masterwork Weapon" quest by locating Highcliff's Journal in the Blacksmith's House (X:41, Y:414) in the north of the Blighted Village. If you haven't found the village yet, it's just west of the Emerald Grove, and is teeming with goblins whom you can trick or kill.

To the left of the fireplace, you can find the journal covered in spiderwebs. It mentions a weapon blueprint, and reading it will start the quest automatically.

Remember that you can hold Left-Alt (keyboard) or R3 (controller) to Show Item Labels!

Now, you have to find the blueprints in question. In the next room of the house, you'll find a giant hole in the floor covered in calcified webs. Break the webs and jump through to get into the cellar.

Once inside, you'll see a chest on the ground—success on a DC 10 Perception check will reveal that it's trapped.

Before jumping down, grab the Old Key from on top of the nearby crate. This will let you enter the cellar from the front door next time.

Disarm the trap with a DC 10 Disarm Trap check, and you'll find the Highcliff Blueprints inside.

The blueprints mention Sussur bark—and any characters that pass a DC 15 Nature check will comment that there is only one place a Sussur tree can grow: the Underdark.

If you haven't already found one of the numerous ways into the Underdark, you'll need to do that to progress this quest.

Any Underdark entrance will do, though the Selunite Temple entrance in the Shattered Sanctum is one of the closest to the Sussur Tree.

The Sussur Tree can be found at Dread Hollow (X:-45, Y-137), to the far west of the Underdark.

Though the Sussur bark is fairly easy to get to, the real challenge of this quest comes from fending off the ravenous monstrosities guarding it—you'll fight four hook horrors and a drow, all of which are level four enemies.

With spells like Invisible and Misty Step, it is possible to navigate the Sussur Tree without having to fight anything.

We have a full guide on how to get the Sussur Tree Bark here.

Now that you've got your Sussur bark, we're ready to forge the weapon.

Return to the Blacksmith House in the Blighted Village and make your way back to the cellar. If you grabbed the Old Key from before, you'll be able to walk right in through the front door.

To forge the weapon, click on the Melting Furnace in the west part of the room, then combine the Sussur Bark with the furnace.

This will turn the flames a bluish-white. After this, simply combine a Greatsword, Dagger or Sickle in the same window to create your masterwork weaponry! Note that you'll only be able to use common weaponry in the crafting process—magical or enhanced weapons will not work.

Each Sussur weapon retains the Sussur tree's ability to dampen magic, Silencing a foe after hitting them. This makes it potentially deadly against spellcasting enemies.

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